IEPS will conduct research in health economics and public health, which will be coordinated by Professor Rudi Rocha, from the School of Business Administration of São Paulo (Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo – FGV EAESP), with the use of microdata/big data and quantitative analysis whenever possible. Our goal is to lay solid groundwork for evidence-based public policy proposals. We rely on an in-house team of researchers, as well as on the support of masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students. We want to function as a hub, to receive visiting scholars from Brazil and the whole world, with the intent of fostering the “public good” by easing the access to and analysis of information about healthcare in Brazil.

Elaboration of health policies

IEPS will produce concrete public policy proposals, including proposals regarding the design of the health system as a whole, and always seek to listen to specialists, managers, officials and users of the system, as well as other interested parties. We will dedicate ourselves to working toward the adoption of these proposals by the State at the federal, state and municipal level.

Improvement of Public Management

IEPS considers management one of the main obstacles that is well-coordinated, efficient healthcare system in Brazil, one geared toward guaranteeing accessibility and quality for all. We will work in partnership with other institutions – government and non-government – in order to identify best practices and reinforce good public management in healthcare.

Culture of Health

IEPS understands that, in order to reach high-quality healthcare for the population, it is not enough to improve the healthcare system; it is also necessary to promote what we call a “culture of health” in Brazilian society. In order to reach that goal, we will work towards making the topic of healthcare (truly!) a priority in the public debate, in academic and scientific production and in the cultural environment.