The Institute for Health Policy Studies (IEPS- Instituto de Estudos para Políticas de Saúde) is an independent and nonpartisan, non-profit organization, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, with an office in São Paulo. Our only goal is to contribute to the improvement of public policies concerning the Brazilian health sector.

IEPS supports the idea that the entire Brazilian population should have access to high-quality healthcare, and that the system’s resource usage, as well as its regulation should be of the utmost efficiency; access to healthcare should conform to the principle of equity, with the Brazilian State playing a significant, distributive role.

We believe that the best way to reach these goals is through evidence-based public policy, designed, implemented and monitored with transparency, and always seeking the support of society at large.


IEPS is an initiative of economist Arminio Fraga Neto, founding associate, and relies upon a multidisciplinary consultive committee with members working in diverse areas of the health sector: Drauzio Varella, Guilherme Frering, João Biehl, Lígia Bahia, Márcia Castro, Paulo ChapChap, and Paulo Hartung. Our institution is headed by political scientist Miguel Lago, with the support of economists Rudi Rocha (research coordinator) and Rodrigo Fiães (Financial and Operational Director).


Initially, IEPS will have 4 main areas of activity:

  1. Production of scientific research
  2. Elaboration of public policy proposals
  3. Improvement of public administration
  4. Promotion of a culture of health

Furthermore, the IEPS intends to be a space for meeting and organizing, in order to stimulate a- frank and open dialogue concerning all issues surrounding the healthcare system, b- rigorous research, c- coherence in the elaboration of public health policy.